6th Conference of Transportation Research Group of India
14-17 December 2021
Tiruchirappalli (Trichy), Tamil Nadu, India

Special Session

Special sessions are meant to provide additional flavor to the conference besides regular technical sessions. The format of special session is flexible and it could be a panel discussion, invited talks, or selected paper presentations from shortlisted papers (only out of the regular review process of 6th CTRG). If the proposed special session does not fall under one specific session track, it may well be proposed under multiple session tracks.

All delegates are required to register for 6th CTRG. The organizers do not offer any complimentary registration or other support for delegates organizing or attending special sessions.

Deadline for submission of special session proposals: 31st August, 2021 10th September, 2021.

The duly filled proposal form may kindly be emailed to Prof. Akhilesh Kumar Maurya (maurya@iitg.ac.in) with a copy to Prof. Lelitha Devi (lelitha@iitm.ac.in).

All submitted proposals will be subjected to internal review and decision by the Scientific Committee of the 6th CTRG.

Click Here to download the form.