6th Conference of Transportation Research Group of India
14-17 December 2021
Tiruchirappalli (Trichy), Tamil Nadu, India

Publication Details

Dear Transportation Professionals,

We invite you to submit abstracts for the 6th Conference of the Transportation Research Group of India (CTRG-2021) to be held from December 14 – 17, 2021, in Hotel Sangam, Trichy. The objective of the conference is to create and provide a forum for interchange of ideas among researchers, educators, practitioners, managers, and policy-makers in the field of transportation in India and around the world. We intend to cover a wide spectrum of topics related to transportation of people and freight.

Please note that selected papers that are presented (oral or poster) would be published in the Partnering Journals (Transportation in Developing Economies - A Journal of the Transportation Research Group of India, Springer; Journal of Big Data Analytics in Transportation, Springer). Remaining papers that are presented (oral or poster) will be published in the conference proceedings published by leading publishers.


A. TiDE Journal 

The journal of the TRG aims to provide an avenue for people who work on problems that arise in developing economies to publish their work for the national and international audience. Such a journal will also help create awareness among the international academia, engineering and planning community about the nature of the problems, which are sometimes quite challenging, that occur in countries like India. This in turn will bring in new ideas to tackle these academically challenging problems. It is envisaged that academics, engineers and planners from around the world will, in due course of time, get drawn towards these problems and help solve them. Such synergy between the academics, engineers and planners of developed and developing economies will ultimately lead to better understanding of transportation problems everywhere. Over time, the proposed journal will become a leading forum where researchers from around the world will want to publish their work. Given that the journal wishes to provide an avenue for good research to be published on an international forum the journal will publish papers on all topics related to transportation. The emphasis will be on research, planning and engineering problems that typically arise in developing economies. The journal will only publish original research or review articles of good quality with high archival value. Initially TiDE may publish only two issues annually. It is expected that in the long run TiDE will be published every quarter. Click here to follow the journal webpage. 


B. BDAT Journal

The journal will publish original research papers applying big data techniques to transportation problems. The problems big data techniques are applied to can range from improvement in real-time transportation operations, transportation planning to near term prediction of crash risk. The paper may provide novel ideas about improved data ingestion, data curation, data archiving, data visualization, data security, etc. for better transportation decision making. The data being used in the paper should at least satisfy on of the 3 V’s of Gartner’s definition of big data i.e., high volume, high velocity or high variety. Also, knowledge discovery should use holistic approach instead of sampling and aggregation techniques to be considered as big data application. The techniques could involve CPU, RAM, GPU based high performance computing for batch analytics, stream processing, big data visualization, deep learning, or distributed computing such as blockchain applications for enhanced security and smart contracts. Click here to follow the journal webpage.


A special Doctoral Research Symposium in Transportation Research will be conducted as part of the 6th CTRG. Please check this link for more details and submission deadlines.